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How Does A Cell Phone Spy App Work? - Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Reviews

Instead of dealing with family issues inside the couple, they think straying is a way out. From the other side, worldwide parents need more and more to spy on a cell phone in order to protect their kids online and filter what they literally consume from there. Spyware for cell phones embodies the concept of the tell-all tool that will provide a user with the information that allows taking smart decisions, whatever the scope of application is.

Who will ever give up this? The functionality of spyware for cell phones differs. But their main pillars of work are the GPS location tracking, the device activity, and the web history. Thanks to an inbuilt GPS system, users can pinpoint the whereabouts of the device and, respectively, that of a person. After its installation, users receive updates anytime they need.

I got insanely scared after a teen girl from our neighborhood was abducted by her father.

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Her parents got divorced and things were bad between them. The girl was found a few hours later. That was enough for me to get panicked. Spyware for cell phones might come in handy when a household faces an abduction. Every year about kids go missing. Thus, to spy on a cell phone remotely to be aware of where your child is absolutely reasonable. A mom of an abducted teen daughter helped the police to find her miles away from home. She used an app with the GPS location tracker. It is an integral part of almost any spy application.

This kind of access is very helpful and insightful. But at least I was able to identify it. I bought spyware to check the number of apps on her device. Simple enough really, although check the legal details around privacy laws where you live to be safe. Of course, we live in this world and not everyone plays it straight. The use of mobile spy apps is growing fast and I suspect that a vast majority of people are using this in illegal ways.

What can be a very useful tool for parents and employers can also be an intrusion of privacy - in the wrong hands. Check my Online Security section for related information about being a victim of spy software. Lots of stuff about finding it and removing it - being aware of it is a first step. Now you should know the legal position of this software and please do not ask me questions relating to the illegal use of the programs - I will not print them or respond. This is a clean site! The first thing to understand is that this type of software only works on phones and Tablets that can connect to the internet.

All reporting and logging needs an internet connection of some sort to take place. It will work with a Wi-Fi connection or a data plan. It works with all carriers and in Any Country - as long as there is an active internet connection. Distance doesn't matter after installation - you can monitor a device in a different country - as long as there is an internet connection.

Android and Apple devices have the biggest feature list as these are the most popular types of device today. This sometimes confuses people. For the software to work, the operating system version of the Target device must be supported. The companies work well at keeping up with the latest versions of Android and iOS Apple.

Can I spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software?

When a new iOS is released, the spy software will usually be compatible in a few weeks. The spy products all list phones and operating systems supported - and my reviews are constantly updated to show the latest changes. Just check before you buy - Easy really! This question comes up a lot. This type of software must be physically downloaded onto the Target device - the one you want to monitor. You need it in your possession and you need to be able to connect to the internet and download and install the software on the device itself.

It takes as little as five minutes to set up. For the record - you can't spy on someone's phone using spy software - just by having their number! It gets confusing because there are loads of scams around - sites claiming that you don't need access to the phone you want to spy on - so called Remote Install Spy Software - read my article all about these scams!

This is a fairly recent addition and only available from a couple of services - mSpy being the most reliable. It works in a completely different way to "regular" spy software - only available for iPhones and iPads. It is not software - no software is installed on the target device - and Jailbreaking is not required.

Instead it uses the free Apple backup solution - iCloud - and reports on the changes between backups.


It gives a limited form of monitoring - nowhere near the capabilities of the regular spy products. But better than nothing for some people - especially if Jailbreaking is not an option. This form of monitoring does not require physical access to the target device - as long as you have the User's Apple ID and password - and assuming that iCloud backups are set to run. You can read more about this on my main mSpy Review. We are not all Tech Geeks - I get that. I have detailed guides about Rooting Android and Jailbreaking your iPhone - check them out for more details. Rooting relates to modifying the Android operating system using simple free software widely available.

It gives the spy apps added access to the data in the phone Root access. Rooting is Not absolutely necessary to install monitoring software but without it, some of the advanced features will not work.

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  • Things like spying on chat messengers - WhatsApp etc. Call recording is another feature that requires Root access. I highly recommend that you Root the Android target device to benefit from all of the features - but if is not possible, you can still monitor many activities on the device. Jailbreaking is Required to install regular spy software on any Apple device. The Apple operating system is designed to only allow downloading of Apple approved software apps - if you don't Jailbreak - you can't use regular monitoring software.

    Rooting and Jailbreaking have become pretty mainstream - many people do this to improve the functionality and freedom of their devices - but many people are also wary of attempting anything remotely techy. I have some detailed guides for both - and the good news is that the better spy companies are now offering Tech support for this. Flexispy have a service that will Jailbreak or Root - and install their software - for a reasonable fee - which is proving to be very popular. Both Jailbreaking and Rooting are really quite straight forward - don't be afraid of giving them a go and remember, they are both easily removed at any time by simply updating the operating system.


    Spy Phone App

    Remember to check my Guides for more details! Most people are shocked when they first find out what level of monitoring can be achieved using spy phone apps. They think it is often too far fetched - it is extremely powerful. The early versions of the best programs offered a limited service covering things like all text messages sent and received, call logs - numbers called, numbers calling and duration, basic GPS data - where the phone was during certain times. Well, things have moved fast and these programs now capture nearly everything that happens on the device.

    Each program will have a slightly different range of features and I cover them in each of the Reviews so check them out - I think they are good! Here are a few of the advanced type features available:. Live Call Listening and Recording - yes, you can record or listen to actual calls being made without the user knowing. Only available with Flexispy Extreme. Ambient Recording - you can use the target phone like a room bug.

    You can send a secret message to start the phone's microphone and record what is being said in the immediate surroundings. GPS Tracking - this part is getting really advanced. You can locate the device in real time on a map - anywhere in the world. You can get reports of the daily movements of the device - and set limits, when a message will be sent to you if the phone leaves a certain pre-defined area. Great feature for keeping kids safe and knowing where they go after school! Web Browsing Reports - will report all internet use of the device, listing sites visited and even allowing you to block certain websites and programs if you chose.

    View Phone Data - things like contacts lists, calendars, all media stored on the phone - everything can be reported and you get to see everything. App Blocking - you can block apps from being used on the target device - all done from the online control panel more on that later. Spy Web Chats and Messenger Services - so many people are now using different apps to communicate online - the spy programs cover most of the main services from WhatsApp , Viber , Skype to Facebook and Twitter.